A four-week intro class where everyone starts.

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About this class
Beginner or advanced: start here.

On-ramp is our starting program that we put new members through. It's a four-week program that goes through the essential terms, exercises and concepts you'll need to move forward with our advanced CrossFit classes.

We take this very seriously. We want to make sure we have a good idea of everyone's abilities. We also want you to feel comfortable and to stay as safe as you possibly can.

Don't worry if you've been doing CrossFit already. Our workouts scale to match your abilities.

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About the class

Whether you've never done CrossFit or you're a seasoned veteran, this class is where everyone starts. We scale to match your specific abilities.

Class Difficulty
  • Days of the Week
    Class length
    1 Hour
  • Group size
    6 People
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